Biophilia is defined as the innate human desire to interact or be more closely associated with other forms of life in nature. We tend to gravitate towards this connection and, for generations, have brought the outdoors inside to where we work, learn and create. Now the trend has shifted to bring the office and classroom outside. This has been accelerated by COVID-19 and the need for well ventilated, healthy spaces. For all the challenges and frustrations the pandemic has uncovered, we are now presented with an opportunity to rethink school and work environments entirely.

Perceived Benefits of Outdoor Spaces
Increased productivity
Greater confidence
Encourage safe communal spaces
Stimulate creativity and collaboration
Improve wellness
Reduce stress
Provide flexible spaces
Promote learning and brain development

By offering a patio or pavilion area with tables, chairs, whiteboard and storage, you create an innovative alternate for an engaging, productive environment. Add in power outlets and WiFi to stay connected and get work done. Answering the demand for outdoor-compatible furniture, Versteel provides solutions for two outside sheltered scenarios: Pavilion for semi-permanent or long-term use; and Pop-Up for temporary or day-only set ups.

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Pavilion: Semi-Permanent Spaces

Quality tables and chairs used in pavilion style patios remain at the ready for spontaneous meetings or heads down work. Unlike your typical lawn chairs, choosing products that are made for work will help with ergonomics and productivity. Versteel’s Pavilion line up can be kept outside under shelter and out of direct sunlight.

Work Styles
How will you use your outdoor space? Will it be a place to take a break and stimulate relaxed attention? A safe environment to gather a small think tank for the next big idea? Or a change of scenery for heads down work?

Lounge Work / Dine

Social Based Work

Individual/Class work

Some of the greatest breakthroughs come from a wandering mind. When you get stuck on a problem, taking time to disengage and rest often resets your focus. So take a break. Grab a coffee with a coworker. Pull up a table and enjoy the sounds of nature. Stimulate those ideas that are tickling in the back of your brain.

Virtual communication has come a long way, and took a giant leap forward in 2020. Yet there’s no denying the magic of
face-to-face interaction. Providing a safe, physical space for brains to collaborate generates ideas and fuels productivity.

It’s great to break away for a moment to daydream or to brainstorm with colleagues. Occasionally, though, you need heads down focus time. You may be a school bringing a classroom outdoors or you could be a company providing an enclave for individualized work. Whatever the purpose, Versteel offers a healthy solution to stimulate innovation.

Adaptable Products
Create an innovative work or learn environment with the right furniture: durable, multifunctional tables, chairs, whiteboards, and storage. Versteel has several quality series that are adaptable with weather-resilient materials for covered pavilion settings outside. Click here for a list of outdoor materials.

Pop-up: Temporary Spaces

A Pop-Up environment is a scheduled or temporary work and learning climate. This equitable solution is especially pivotal when larger spaces are needed, such as classrooms. Most Versteel products can be adapted for temporary setups, away from weather and under covered shelter.

Versteel can provide a full Pop-up solution for classrooms or work areas, including furniture, power, and tents. Contact our Customer Service for more information.

Space Design
ODIS is one of many tables that can be adapted to Pop-up settings. Designed for a dynamic classroom, it is petite in size, is easily portable, and stacks on a transport cart. The ODIS ADA has a 25” x 32” worksurface and accomodates a larger classroom even when spaced six feet apart (center to center).

16 Worksurfaces
20’ x 20’ space

25 Worksurfaces
27’ x 26’ space

36 Worksurfaces
32’ x 32’ space

Choosing products that are mobile or stackable will assist in quick set up and tear down. Get the most out of your investment – these products serve just as much purpose indoors as they do out!

Many Versteel products are adaptable for Pop-Up, including, but not limited to:
Odis (small, lightweight, and stackable!)
Performance (foldable, durable)
Chela (high density stacking)
Entourage (storage on the go)
Pavilion products listed above


V Power supports diversity and flexibility in a fluid environment. Utilizying cordless, battery-powered charging, the V Power attaches to the edge of each worksurface, giving individuals and teams the freedom to work and learn anywhere. Click Here for more information on V Power.


Versteel has a history of providing highly functional, precision-engineered, durable metal furniture. This continues as we expand our portfolio to include outdoor covered spaces. Metal is typically considered the strongest and most durable choice for exterior use. We pair this with on trend, resilient materials such as polypropylene resin and Corian® to provide our valued customers with design-forward Pavilion and Pop-Up solutions.

Price, color and material thickness varies between options. Be sure to discuss your specific project needs with your Versteel Customer Service Representative.

Metal Finishes
Going outdoors should not limit your choices! Utilizing a durable anti-corrosive primer, many of our powder coat colors are available for covered exterior use. Choose color pop to complement a bright, sunny day or go neutral for that sophisticated feel.

Poly Shells
Molded resilient polypropylene resin make up the Versteel poly shells. They are a durable alternative to fabrics and suitable for covered outdoor use. Quanta Max and Sate chairs can be used in both Pavilion and Pop-Up settings. Chela, which is lightweight and easily portable, can be used in Pop-Up settings only.

Pavilion (semi-permanent) and Pop-up (temporary): Quanta Max and Sate

Pop-up (temporary) only: Chela

Sustainable, durable, hygienic. Corian has low moisture absorption and is resistant to environmental pollutants, humidity and temperature variations. Specify table tops in the below Versteel standards or choose from Corian’s wide selection of patterns and colors.

Additional Materials
Options abound for exterior use. Enduring, economical powder coated worksurfaces marry the benefits of wood and metal while also providing more specification flexibility. Other top materials for long-term outdoor use include stainless steel and Krystal Cast. For short-term Pop-Up applications, certain laminates may be considered. Though all Versteel Pavilion and Pop-Up seating can be specified without fabric, adding a seat cushion with outdoor fabric is an option. For more information on applicable materials, contact Versteel Customer Service.