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It’s Up to Us

It is our responsibility as a manufacturer to build products in a manner that promotes a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

We make a sincere effort to maintain our commitment to our planet through mindful actions, continuous improvements, and taking initiative to preserve our natural resources. For more information regarding our sustainability efforts, a copy of our social responsibility policy, or our social responsibility report, please email a request to [email protected].


Intertek Clean Air GOLD and Clean Air SILVER (formerly ETL VOC/VOC+)

All of our products are Clean Air GOLD or Clean Air SILVER certified, with the majority being the former. This certification tests VOC emmisions and recognizes products that demonstrate safe indoor air quality. Clean Air SILVER conforms to the ANSI/BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard credit 7.6.1. Clean Air GOLD conforms the ANSI/BIFMA e3 standard credits 7.6.1, 7.6.2 and/or 7.6.3, which includes California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method v1.2 01350 as well and conformance to low-emitting materials for WELL and LEED.

BIFMA Compliant

This industry-wide registry is a resource for both specifiers and buyers to quickly identify quality products in the contract furniture market. Furniture on this registry performed against rigorous testing in an ISO 17025 accredited lab with relevant BIFMA safety and durability standard(s). All Versteel products meet or exceed ANSI/BIFMA standards, ensuring longevity of use which, in turn, reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing.

LEED Contribution

Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED helps buildings focus on efficiency to deliver the triple bottom line returns of environment, planet, and economy. Versteel products contribute to LEED credits for Materials & Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality.

Health Care Without Harm 2.3

When specifed with criteria recommended by this program, many of our products meet the requirements for the Health Care Without Harm’s Healthy Interiors criteria, v2.3. The Healthy Interiors criteria are incorporated into the ANSI/FIFMA e3-2019 Furniture Sustainability Standard as credit 7.4.4 Targeted Chemical Elimination.

Design for the Environment

At Versteel, we address the life cycle concerns of each product from inception, through use, to end of life.

Healthy, sustainable solutions are reinforced through sourcing efficient materials, using resources wisely, process improvements and planning for the full life cycle of a product. For more information on individual products, ask us for an Environmental Product Summary.

Product Cycle

We pride ourselves in designing furniture to last a lifetime. Each Versteel product is precisely engineered using high quality materials. Long-term usage reduces waste for our planet and saves costs for our customers. After a lifetime of use, our products can then be disassembled and recycled. For specific product disassembly instructions, please submit a request to [email protected]. If your Versteel product has reached the end of its life cycle and you would like to return it using our Take Back Program, just contact us and we’ll work on a solution together.

Prioritizing Efficient Materials

Throughout the development process of a new product, we evaluate a wide range of alternatives in pursuit of sustainable materials. Our goal is to exceed 70% material efficiency based on the circular economy principal that targets zero waste and pollution. Many of our tables and chairs have as high as 99% material efficiency as a result of intentional design considerations and partnering with sustainable suppliers.

The primary component of most of our products and one of the most recycled materials in the world. Pre- and post-consumer recyclability is one of its most valuable properties, saving precious raw materials and significant energy consumption for future generations. Our steel is fabricated in the US with 95% recycled content.

Powder Coating
When applied to steel emits zero VOCs, contains no hazardous air pollutants and has no offgassing. Most of our powder coats have a 98% efficiency rate.

A naturally renewable resource. The wood used in our tops is sourced from FSC, SFI or comparable certifying bodies recognized by the Composite Panel Association.

Poly Shells

Used on our chairs have multiple sustainability certifications, including ISO 14001 for their production facilities. The biocompostable material contains up to 40% recycled content and is recyclable at end of life. Our poly shells are injection molded, which is a naturally low-waste, energy efficient process. CLICK HERE to see the injection molding process for Quanta Max, one of our most sustainable products.


Has received multiple certifications for environmental performance, including GreenGuard®, NAHB North American Builders Association, and SCS Scientific Certification Systems. VISIT HERE for Corian’s full sustainability story.

Smart Energy

We strive to comply with local, state, federal, and other requirements to which we subscribe. In an effort for continuous improvement, we set and monitor objectives for progressive energy conservation year after year. Since sustainable energy is limited in Jasper, IN, we commit 20% of our energy use to Renewable Energy Credits, supporting renewable energy projects in other geographic locations. We also participate in the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s VIP (Voluntary Idling Program), which is geared toward reducing energy usage and emissions through more effective and efficient practices in the trucking industry.

Smart Impact

We believe in reusing and recycling raw materials before it becomes part of the waste stream. We have been a member of the Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention since 2009, promoting pollution prevention and environmental stewardship in Indiana. We strive for “Zero Landfill” by recycling over 15 types of materials. Our top three offal materials – cardboard, steel and aluminum – are 100% recycled or reused. Our Green Pack program minimizes waste through efficient use of packaging and optimizing shipment. For example, a Green Packed Chela chair eliminates about three pounds of waste and cuts the unpacking/installation time by over 20% for the customer.

Smart Sourcing

Our responsibility to conserve our planet and its people includes ensuring a sustainable supply chain. We work closely with suppliers to eliminate waste by optimizing materials and returning/reusing packaging for component parts. We partner with proven vendors that are environmentally certified, such as FSC for wood products. Throughout the design of a new product, we evaluate alternative materials that have less impact on the environment and high pre- and post-consumer recycled content.

It’s All About The People

People and community are our heart and soul.

Our Versteel family are the keepers of the flame when it comes to the quality we deliver to our customers, and the place where everything Versteel begins. As a family-owned company with deep rooted family-centric values, a culture of caring attitudes comes naturally.

We believe strengthening our communities is equally important to protecting our environment. Therefore, we encompass community involvement into our every day culture. We offer financial and non-financial support as a company, and we empower our employees to pay it forward through opportunities and friendly competition.

Here’s just a sampling of our many support initiatives:
  • Year-round funding, support and leadership for The Common Thread for the Cure
  • Adopt-a-Street clean up program
  • Support for the local food bank
  • Collections for natural disaster recoveries
  • Blood drives
  • Support for local schools and colleges
  • Donations and contributions to non-profit organizations
  • Participating in community fundraising opportunities
  • Our president, Scott Schwinghammer, is a recipient of the Boy Scouts of America’s Distinguished Citizens Award for his community support.
Turning The Tables On Breast Cancer

For almost two decades, we have been dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer and helping those battling the disease. For us, it’s a year-round commitment. In October, we up our game through walk-a-thons, employee auctions and more.


We contribute to multiple programs, including The Common Thread for the Cure, where our president sits on the board of directors. It’s a foundation established to unite the furnishings and design industry in the battle against breast cancer. Through donations and sponsorships, it supports individuals who are fighting breast cancer by offering financial assistance through confidential Helping Hand Grants.

Investing In The Future

Sustainability is ultimately ensuring a better world for the generations to come.

It is our responsibility to lay the foundation for their success as sympathetic, innovative pioneers. We secure economic sustainability by providing stable employment, reinvesting in local economies and supporting learning opportunities.

Proudly Crafted in the USA

Our products are manufactured in southern Indiana with American-sourced materials. Reinvesting in our national economy reduces environmental impact while supporting American-owned businesses. Our skilled personnel are dedicated to quality and performance, resulting in products with superior functionality and global design influences.

Trusting and Dedicated

We treat our employees, partners and clients as members of our extended family, fostering a strong sense of community. We are dedicated to securing a supportive work environment where teamwork, safety, personal growth and self worth all contribute to exceeding customer expectations. We are an equal opportunity employer and strive for diversity and acceptance. Many employees have worked with us for decades, some since the birth of Versteel as a dedicated furnishing brand.

Looking For Something Specific?

We pair large-scale production with a nimble, one-on-one approach to bring your vision to life – crafting pieces to fit the individual needs of each project.