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Mobile Screens

Epitome of Flexibility

Ideal for multifunctional layouts, Mobile Screens can be easily moved to support division and privacy. A selection of five base styles seamlessly coordinates with the Versteel collection. Each style offers two variations for wider spaces or a slim fit between adjacent tables. Screen choices include frosted acrylic, clear acrylic or a naturally magnetic powder coated metal.

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Product Information
Product Information

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American Made

Fully Sustainable

Family Owned


Designed by Versteel design team

Working with award winning industrial designers from around the world, the Versteel Design Team is charged with the execution and implementation of these product visions. As specialists in powder coating and metal fabrication, the Versteel Design Team continues to fine-tune the art of furniture fabrication.

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We pair large-scale production with a nimble, one-on-one approach to bring your vision to life – crafting pieces to fit the individual needs of each project.