Healthy Spaces for the New Now

It’s no question: the world around us is changing. This includes reimagining how we work, learn and live. We can help you prepare for the future by providing solutions that offer safety and adaptability. Need specific accommodations? No worries! Our in house design team collaborates with clients to develop custom product designs.

Space Division

Connectivity is important for both productivity and well-being. Find togetherness while staying physically distanced with our panels, shields, and screens. A variety of choices allow our products to efficiently outfit varying types of spaces.

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Personal Tables

Maintain productivity at home or wherever you find your alternative workspace. Many of our table lines offer smaller sizes with mobile and electrical options for efficiency in a small footprint.

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Cleanable Seating

Products that can be effectively cleaned (and cleaned around) are vital in the new now. Poly shells, coated fabric, and metal frames withstand frequent cleaning and disinfecting, giving you comfort with peace of mind.

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Cleanable Materials

For more detailed information on safe cleaning and disinfecting solutions for materials, please contact Customer Service.

Powder Coat

Often used in hospitals for its resilience and sterility, powder coat deters growth of communicable pathogens. It is easy to wash with soap and water or disinfect with mild cleaning agents.


This non-porous top material is moisture resistant and easy to wipe clean. Though resistance to harsh chemicals varies, most stand up to the demands of frequent cleaning from commercial cleaners and disinfectants.


Its smooth and non-porous surface has lead acrylic to be the advantageous recommendation for partitions. Clean and disinfect with a water solution that includes a mild chlorine based soap. Window cleaner is not recommended.


Sustainable, durable, hygienic. The smooth surface of Corian inhibits microbial growth when properly cleaned and has been proven to be an extremely safe, sterile surfacing material.

Coated Textiles

Polyurethane and vinyl textiles have soil and stain resistant top coats. They are bleach cleanable, effectively disinfecting the surface. Please see textile card for recommended cleaning solution.

Poly Shells

Molded resilient polypropylene resin make up our poly shells. The smooth surface is an extremely cleanable and durable alternative to fabrics.