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Flexible. Fluid. Fabulous.

Sate has a beautiful, modern design with flex motion for support and satisfaction. This lightweight chair is easy to carry and stack yet remains strong and supportive. A variety of options are available for this broad seating collection of chairs and stools, including a high-quality poly or veneer shell.

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BIFMA level 2
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Product Information

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American Made

Fully Sustainable

Family Owned


Designed by Dan Grabowski

Dan Grabowski, native of Detroit, MI, found his love for design at an early age. He used to create/repair anything that needed to be fixed or transformed with his father, who was a builder. By being hands on, it only made sense that he would graduate from the Center for Creative Studies where he focused on furniture design. Dan’s creative vision made it easy to partner with Versteel on products such as Eliga. Eliga showcases contemporary aesthetics with its unique parallelogram shaped leg and high-profile design.

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We pair large-scale production with a nimble, one-on-one approach to bring your vision to life – crafting pieces to fit the individual needs of each project.