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Outdoor Design Solutions Bring Classrooms and Offices Outside

Answering the demand for well-ventilated communal spaces that prioritize human wellness and support health, Versteel is launching outdoor-compatible furniture solutions for long and short-term outside sheltered scenarios: Pavilion and Pop-Up.

The current COVID-19 health pandemic has presented myriad concerns about the places where we work and learn, forcing the design industry to pivot from what was commonplace to new environments that allow for versatility and flexibility while keeping users comfortable and safe.

“For all the challenges and frustrations the pandemic has uncovered, we have been presented with an opportunity to rethink school and work entirely,” said Versteel President Scott Schwinghammer. “Building on Versteel’s decades-long experience shaping learning environments that inspire productivity, our design team has pushed past the norm to reimagine collective spaces for this moment and the next — there is no substitute for collaboration!”

Versteel’s new outdoor solutions, Pavilion and Pop-Up, provide a safe, physical space for gathering and generating ideas. The two options cater to any collaboration-related scenario, providing outdoor classrooms and work areas that include tents, furniture and power. The Versteel V Power utilizes cordless, battery-powered charging that attaches to the edge of each work surface, giving individuals and teams the freedom to work and learn anywhere.

“Pavilion and Pop-Up allowed us to flex and really play to our strengths,” said Versteel Product Design and Development Director Jacklyn Ady. “Combining Versteel’s long tradition of precision-engineered, durable metal furniture with contemporary applications of resilient materials such as polypropylene resin and Corian® resulted in design-forward products that are highly functional, hygienic and durable.”

Pavilion provides semi-permanent or long-term outdoor design solutions that can be kept outside under shelter and out of direct sunlight while Pop-Up can be easily established for temporary or day-only setups under covered shelter.

Pavilion | Versteel’s adaptable, quality tables and chairs used in pavilion-style patios remain at the ready for spontaneous meetings or heads-down work. Providing products that are intended for work will help with ergonomics and productivity. Pavilion caters to and supports versatile outdoor work areas, including various styles such as relaxed, communal or focused.

Pop-Up | Utilized for scheduled outdoor work and learning applications, this solution can be pivotal when larger spaces are needed, such as classrooms. To further enhance outdoor build-outs, Versteel products can be specified as mobile or stackable to assist in quick set up and tear down.

For more information on the benefits of outdoor spaces and product adaptability, visit versteel.com/outdoor-spaces

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