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Versteel Introduces New Seating Options for The Maker Project

To serve a growing demand for utilitarian seating that fits well in diverse interior settings, Versteel announces the addition of two new stools and a chair for their ever-growing urban industrial collection, The Maker Project.

The Maker Project and its new seating additions demonstrate character and authenticity by embracing natural imperfections while displaying a strong balance of organic and fabricated elements like wood and steel. Versteel’s trademark Studio Steel® process, a handcrafted technique that leaves telltale signs of welding and assembly, is a true exhibition of the products’ inherent materiality and the making process.

With an armless profile, sled base and integrated butcher block seat and back, the new seating pieces encapsulate a look that is simultaneously rugged and eclectic. Versteel’s commitment to supporting efficiency and flexibility through product innovation drives all aspects of this distinctive craftsmanship; and these sturdy, heavy-duty seating solutions are efficiently designed to maximize utility while minimizing energy consumption.

One of the most valuable properties of both steel and wood is their recyclability, as it saves precious raw materials and significant energy consumption for future generations. By intentionally exposing natural welds and fabricated characteristics, The Maker Project showcases the individual skill and care that go into each piece of furniture.

Scott Schwinghammer, Versteel President and CEO

The designs of The Maker Project are influenced by an appreciation for elemental, authentic pieces that work well in a variety of spaces such as schools, libraries, dining centers, and coworking spaces. The post-pandemic boom in flex spaces and makerspaces, which support STEM training in schools and community buildings, offer a tailor-made opportunity for The Maker Project to bring adaptability and creative spirit to these environments.

Offering an ever-expanding collection of tables, seating, lighting and accessories, The Maker Project received the 2019 Architizer Award and continues to innovate and anticipate the need for distinctive pieces with Versteel’s legendary longevity. 

The stools and chair are available in the full range of Versteel powder coat finishes, including three clear powder coat finishes: Crystal, Satin, and Matte, which best showcase the Studio Steel process. The new seating additions are available in 18”, 24” and 29” seat heights. Maker seating is available at furniture dealerships across the U.S.

Get involved with the maker movement and connect with The Maker Project by Versteel.

For more information visit https://www.versteel.com/product/the-maker-project-seating.

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