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Studio Steel

“Versteel reveals the inherent beauty of welding and raw metal in a process that embodies urban fabrication.”

Studio Steel is a new fabrication option from Versteel that’s available on any series that utilizes steel in the manufacturing process. Embracing the Maker Movement aesthetic of romancing the qualities of construction, Versteel employs “an urban fabrication” process to leave the telltale signs of welding and assembly on the surface. Special attention is paid to the preparation process, where each component is inspected for fit and finish before being treated to a powder coat finish. Choosing a clear or transparent powder coatthen highlights the steel, allowing the welds and tonal striations created as a result of extreme heat to show through.

All the benefits of a Versteel product are captured in a new visual consciousness that has become a mainstay of modern culture. In every series the strength of steel is exposed and the beauty is acknowledged, all with the extreme durability of powder coat. This is Studio Steel.

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