Paces Zeta

December 2, 2016

“Versteel supplements a modern classic with a sleek silhouette designed for sophisticated specifications.”

Zeta is a stunning addition to the Paces Series. Imbued with a distinct design, the
cantilevered presence of Zeta is elevated by the successful lines of the signature tube
shape. Crisp angles, subtle proportions and exquisite craftsmanship will attract the eye
of any architect or designer. Zeta is the perfect office complement to the unequaled
specification flexibility of the Paces family of training and conference tables.
Pair the Paces Zeta with Quanta seating for a seamless visual experience where
analogous angles play against each other and the refined undulations of each tube catch
and reflect light in delightful arrays. And when Zeta becomes the envy of the office, rest
assured that it is a reliable and durable Versteel table through and through.