Social Responsibility

There is a sincere effort at Versteel to maintain responsibility to our environment and employees.

We wish to show sensitivity in effectiveness and improvements required to ensure environmentally safe conditions and preserve our natural resources. Our plant facilities recycle cardboard, steel, plastic and paper. The hot rolled steel we use in the manufacturing of some of our products is made using recycled steel.

We pride ourselves on exceeding the standards set forth by federal, state and local codes. Our chrome and nickel electroplating plant located in Evansville, Indiana has received annual environmental awards eight of the past nine years.

At Versteel, we feel it is our responsibility as a manufacturer to produce products in a manner that promotes a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Our manufacturing processes do not exhaust any pollutants into the outside air. All of the polluted air is captured and filtered internally. The clean air is then returned to the outside of the plant.

Versteel acknowledges the necessity of commitment to the environment and commits its resources at all levels of management and all employees of the company to accomplish the objective of keeping the environment clean.

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